Strategic Planning

Are You Using The Right Metrics?

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “You get not what you want, you get what you measure (or inspect).” In other words, you can create all kinds of great plans and initiatives for your business, you can put together vision boards and print your strategic plan on...

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How’s Your Plan for 2015 Coming Along?

As of the date I’m writing this post we’re less than three weeks away from 2015. So, how are you doing? Do you have a plan in place? Is it a great plan? An average plan? A repetition of last year’s plan? Or something else? It’s amazing how fast twelve months/four...

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Is Your Business Scalable?

If you’ve ever been to an entrepreneurial gathering or talked with a venture capitalist, chances are someone has asked, “Is your business scalable?” Or maybe you’ve read an article or blog post and wondered, “Is my business scalable?” Or maybe you’ve wondered,...

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How to Do a Mid-Year (or Quarterly) Review

We’re now halfway through the year (if you’re reading this around the time when I published it), so how are you doing? Are you on track? Behind? Ahead? While I’m highly supportive of monthly and quarterly reviews, the reality is that most businesses don’t take the...

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