Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

As you look at your plan for this year, how big is your dream? Does it excite you? Scare you? Or totally underwhelm you? If you’re like most business owners and entrepreneurs chances are your plans are closer to the underwhelm side than the excite side. Note: while...

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How’s Your Plan for 2015 Coming Along?

As of the date I’m writing this post we’re less than three weeks away from 2015. So, how are you doing? Do you have a plan in place? Is it a great plan? An average plan? A repetition of last year’s plan? Or something else? It’s amazing how fast twelve months/four...

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Two Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Everyday

How often have you gotten to the end of a day and thought, “Did I do anything meaningful today?” My guess is, more often than you care to admit. It happens to all of us. Once the day starts, we get hit from every angle. Email. Phone calls. Meetings. Responsibilities....

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How to Craft a 100 Day Plan So You Finish Well

September is always an interesting time of the year. Summer is basically past and the end of the year looms not that far away, which causes a wide variety of emotional responses for most of us who are business owners and/or entrepreneurs. Now, while there are some of...

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Is Your Business Scalable?

If you’ve ever been to an entrepreneurial gathering or talked with a venture capitalist, chances are someone has asked, “Is your business scalable?” Or maybe you’ve read an article or blog post and wondered, “Is my business scalable?” Or maybe you’ve wondered,...

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