How to Create a Culture of Excellence

While very few business owners would ever say, “I don’t want a culture of excellence,” the reality is that very few businesses actually do create a culture of excellence. If you don’t believe me, just think through how many customer service...

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How to Avoid Killing Your Business

If you were to pick one thing that could kill your company, business, and/or organization fast, what would that one thing be? Would you pick … A bad strategy (or lack of a strategy) An arrogant or difficult leader/boss A change in the economy A lack of teamwork...

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What Standard Are You Setting for Your People?

As you know, people do what people see. We can argue about whether that’s fair or not, but fairness is irrelevant to this conversation. Your people (whether you call them your staff, direct reports or employees) are, for good or for bad, a reflection of you. So,...

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