Leadership Lessons

How to Think More Like a CEO Than an Owner

Have you ever wondered why some business owners/entrepreneurs seem to be able to start and grow businesses rapidly and others can’t? Or why some business owners/entrepreneurs seem to be able to lead their businesses and have a life whereas others can’t? Well, one of...

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To Be Great You Have to Be Good

There’s a lie that a lot of business experts are espousing these days that’s detrimental to you, as a leader, and to the health and growth of your business. It comes in one of two forms. “To be great, you have to be bad” … or “No...

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Why You Need to Invite Critique Into Your Life

The simple answer is, “Blind spots.” We all have them. In the technical literature of psychology they’re referred to as “Scotomas.” A scotoma occurs when an individual can’t see something in themselves that those around them can. For example, you may perceive yourself...

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How to Create a Thinking Rhythm

During a typical week, how much time do you spend just thinking about your business and how you can get to the next level? Or how about during a typical month? Or quarter? And when you do spend time thinking, is that time you’ve proactively set aside for that activity...

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