4 Things Confident Leaders Do

As you know, there are leaders and then there are Leaders. Small “l” leaders are leaders by position. Capital “L” leaders are leaders because of influence and their ability to deliver remarkable results. Just because someone is a business owner or entrepreneur (or CEO...

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5 Hiring Mistakes You Absolutely Want to Avoid

The good news is that you want to leverage the time, talents, treasures, intellectual property, networks, etc. of other people to help grow your business. The bad news is that very few of us have a 100% success rate at hiring. In fact, most of the business owners and...

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The Four Keys to Hiring Great People

Whenever you’re getting ready to make a hiring decision, what grid are you using to evaluate whether or not your should make an offer? If you’re like most business owners/entrepreneurs/leaders/managers, you probably don’t have a well thought out...

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