Why You Need to Invite Critique Into Your Life

The simple answer is, “Blind spots.” We all have them. In the technical literature of psychology they’re referred to as “Scotomas.” A scotoma occurs when an individual can’t see something in themselves that those around them can. For example, you may perceive yourself...

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How to Do a Mid-Year (or Quarterly) Review

We’re now halfway through the year (if you’re reading this around the time when I published it), so how are you doing? Are you on track? Behind? Ahead? While I’m highly supportive of monthly and quarterly reviews, the reality is that most businesses don’t take the...

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What Have You Learned So Far This Year?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several very fruitful conversations with clients and they’ve all centered around this one question, “What did you learn from _____?” Most of them didn’t want to “waste” a whole lot of time on the conversation and one even confessed,...

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