Customer Service

How To Avoid Needlessly Ticking Off Customers

When was the last time you lost a customer—and you knew you didn’t need to lose them? What was the problem that caused the breakup? Was it a big issue? Or a little one? My guess, a little one. And you know this to be true because it happens to you when you’re the...

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4 Keys to Generating More Customer Love

When was the last time you were surprised by a company or business that you used? Can you remember it? How did it make you feel? Well, if you’d like to generate more of that kind of customer love for your business, you’ll want to watch this week’s...

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How to Avoid WOW Becoming unWOW

One of the inevitable truths of life is that “everything in life moves from remarkable to ordinary to death” (meaning that it no longer satisfies like it once did). This is true about everything in life. For example, let’s say you go to a restaurant,...

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Standards?

Everything in your business is a direct reflection of your standards—which means that whatever your standards are, they’re driving your business. For good or for bad, whatever is happening in your business right now ultimately emanates from your standards. Once you...

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