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If You Want to Build a More Scalable and Successful Business That Grows Faster, Generates More Profit and Yet Requires Less Time From You To Run, This is What You’ve Been Looking For.

The WTG Coaching Club is a transformative group coaching experience designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs like you become great at designing, leading, managing and marketing a more scalable and successful business—which will then result in your business growing faster, making a bigger impact, generating more profit and providing you with a more enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle. If any of that sounds interesting to you, you’ll want to keep reading.

Why Consider Joining The WTG Coaching Club?

  • To grow your business faster
  • To improve your cash flow
  • To build a more scalable version of your business so it’s not completely dependent upon you
  • To generate more revenue and/or profit for all your efforts
  • To be able to take more time off
  • To build a more differentiated brand
  • To become a better leader and/or manager of your business
  • To find camaraderie with a group of people who actually get you (and aren’t part of your business)
  • To get your life back

If any of these resonate with you, you’ll want to consider joining the WTG Coaching Club.

Why Group Coaching Over One-to-One?

While one-on-one coaching has it’s place, face-to-face group coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for both changing behavior and improving performance. Why? Because it utilizes the power of group accountability.

In one-on-one coaching, it’s just you and your coach (and your coach wants to keep you as a client). However, when you’re in a group with seven other business owners and/or entrepreneurs and you have to report on your metrics at every meeting, that’s a whole different kind of experience and level of accountability that one-on-one coaching can’t provide. In other words, group coaching with accountability gets you where you want to go faster.

Furthermore, in a group coaching environment  you also get to benefit from the IP and experiences of the other members of your coaching club—which further suggests that face-to-face group coaching is a better, more optimal solution for helping you to accelerate the growth of your business.

Why the Wired To Grow Coaching Club?

Fair question. Here are several reasons why you should consider choosing the Wired To Grow Coaching Club.

1.  We Provide Real Accountability

As the person at the top of your business, it’s easy to get away with not getting things done—or pushing projects from quarter to quarter. However, as a member of the WTG coaching club, we’ll provide you with the kind of accountability you need because you’ll have to report back to us as your “unofficial Board of Directors” each time we meet. We have a very unique accountability process at coaching club that’s not only different, but is the secret sauce for delivering rapid change and growth for you and your business.

2. We Focus on Helping You Build a More Scalable Business

Just meeting in a group with other business leaders won’t help you build a more scalable business. You have to be focused on the right things—which is why at the WTG Coaching Club, we focus on the each of the seven steps of becoming scalable. You can’t build a scalable business without mastering all seven, which is why we’ll help you become a master of each of the seven steps.

7 Steps to Becoming Scalable Pic

3. We Help You Build a More Successful Business

It’s possible to build a scalable business that isn’t successful, but that’s not what you want. You want a scalable business, that’s also succeeding—which is why we help you focus on the four pillars of business success. More revenue without more profits isn’t what your want. Nor do you want a business that’s churning out cash today but will crash soon because it can’t keep up with the demand, etc. You want a well-balanced business that’s going to grow for years to come, which is why we focus on all four pillars in our coaching club.

4 Pillars of Business Success Pic


4. We Help You Become A Great Business Leader, Not Just an Owner

As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, you don’t have the freedom to just focus on one area, like sales and marketing, because success in your role as the point person of your business requires you to be good, if not great, in each of the six key areas of executive attention (strategy, marketing, money, leadership, management and you). If you want to build a more successful business, we’ll help you get good (if not great) at all six.

6 Key Areas of Executive Attention Pic

5. We’re Professional Communicators

You don’t deserve cookie cutter content delivered in a boring fashion from someone reading from a manual. You deserve cutting edge content that’s practical and relevant, delivered by a master teacher who knows how to make the learning experience exceptional.

6. We Do Hot Seats Differently

Harnessing the brain power of your peers is always wise. However, one of the problems in a traditional group coaching or mastermind model is that you often end up with “the blind leading the blind” when trying to solve problems (i.e. pooling ignorance is rarely your best option). So, while we value group input, in the WTG Coaching Club model, your coach will directly engage in the hot seat section of the group meeting in order to accelerate the learning and solution process for you—as well as for the other members of your group. In other words, your coach isn’t just a facilitator. Your coach is a consultant giving you solutions vs. just asking questions.

7. We Meet Quarterly, Not Monthly

Your time is valuable. Getting away from the “office” once a month for a full-day group coaching experience is way too much time away for most business owners and/or entrepreneurs. Plus, thirty days is rarely enough time for any owner to implement and get results from a new initiative or project. So, instead of taking you away from your business every month, we work with you in a way that not only works with your schedule but also gives you time to make significant change.

8. We’re Obsessed with Metrics

As you know, business is a numbers driven entity. And while different group coaching businesses focus on different things, the WTG Coaching Club is obsessed with data and growth. We believe there are eleven key drivers that can accelerate the profitable growth of your business. So, we obsess about them and focus less on those things that won’t drive growth and/or profitability for you and your business.

9. We Only Work With Service-Based Business Owners Who Want to Employ People

The WTG Coaching Club is completely focused on helping business owners and/or entrepreneurs who are leading services businesses that have employees (usually between 2-29 employees), are in the $500K-$5M revenue range, and who want to grow a scalable business that will employ more people (i.e. the WTG Coaching Club is NOT for solopreneurs).

10. We Use an Intentionally Designed Curriculum

A lot of group coaching businesses have no clear direction or pathway that they’re leading their members through. They meet and discuss whatever’s on the mind of the members of the group for that day. However, in the WTG Coaching Club, we actually have a multi-year curriculum that we take you through to help you become great at building a more scalable and successful business.

11. We Limit Our Group Size to 8 Members Per Group

Some coaching groups have 12, 16, 20 or more members who meet together each time they gather. However, for real accountability and small group dynamics, those are all too large. Once a group gets over ten people, it functions less effectively as a small group (i.e. six to ten is best for a small group with eight being the optimal number).

12. We Offer a 3X ROI Guarantee

We know this process works, which is why we’re willing to take all the risk. If, after 12 months, your business hasn’t seen at least a 3X return on your investment in Coaching Club, all you need to do is simply request it and we’ll refund your entire investment (provided that you actually implement everything you agree to implement each quarter).

So, What Do You Get With the WTG Coaching Club?

The WTG Coaching Club is organized around a couple of key experiences, which when combined together, can rapidly accelerate both your growth and the growth of your company into a more scalable and successful business.

1.  A Business Performance Review and Growth Plan

Before you start your Coaching Club experience, you’ll meet with your coach and go through an extensive business review and then develop an initial plan to accelerate the growth of your business.

2. Quarterly Coaching Club Meetings

The cornerstone of the Coaching Club experience occurs every 90 days when you and seven other business owners and/or entrepreneurs meet for an entire day—focused around four big items.

a. Accountability

The first part of each Coaching Club day will always be the group accountability part where you’ll be reporting back on your key metrics, projects and goals in front of the rest of your club members. We can’t overestimate the power of this experience alone. Most business owners and entrepreneurs have very little real accountability—but once you experience it, you won’t want to go back.

b. Learning

The next part of each Coaching Club day will be focused on increasing your capacity as a leader in one of the six key areas of executive attention or the three essentials of scaling in order to help you become great at building a more scalable and successful business.

c. Sharing

The third part of each Coaching Club day is a real treat. This is the time when you get a chance to share ideas, ask questions and discuss key obstacles with the rest of your Coaching Club members (along with you coach). Not only will you find solutions faster (as well as learn how to prevent problems before they occur), but you’ll also find a group of peers who either are or have endured some of the same things you are right now.

d. Planning

Before the end of each session, you’ll create your plan for the next 90 days—utilizing the information you just learned—in order to accelerate the growth of your business and to ensure that you’re actually applying the world-class training you’ll be receiving as a member of the WTG Coaching Club.


As a Coaching Club member, you can bring up to two additional members from your leadership team to any meeting. However, there will only be up to eight businesses in a coaching club group to ensure the right level of accountability, interaction and support.

In addition, all materials and food during the day of your Coaching Club meeting are included with your membership investment. However, if you attend any evening dinners, like the networking dinner the night before your Coaching Club day, the check will simply be split equally among those attending.

3. A 45-Day Accountability Call

Halfway between quarterly meetings you’ll be on a two-hour group coaching call where each member will give a status report to the rest of the group on the progress they’ve made so far on their quarterly plan. Time permitting, this also offers an opportunity to problem-solve and discuss any possible mid-course corrections in order to ensure that each member has the best chance of meeting their goals.

4. Monthly Metrics

Each month you’ll submit your previous month’s results/KPIs to your coach, no later than the 10thof that month. This will ensure that you don’t fall far behind, as well as enable your coach to better assist you.

5. Monthly Educational Webinars

In addition to the learning section of each quarterly Coaching Club meeting, you’ll be invited to a one-hour educational webinar on the off months—on a subject that’ll help you become even better in one of the six key areas of executive attention or three essentials of scaling.

Note: In case you’re curious, all online training sessions will be recorded so you won’t miss any of them. You’ll be able to download them or access them online for as long as you’re a Coaching Club member

6. Unlimited Access for Reactive Calls with Your Coach

Your coach will be available to you for ad hoc calls and/or email questions for any business issue you need to discuss, whenever you need to discuss one.

7. Implementation Materials

As part of the WTG Coaching Club you’ll receive tons of step-by-step action plans, systems, handouts, worksheets, checklists, templates, etc. in order to accelerate and automate the growth of your business.

8. Online Community

In addition to all of the above, as a member of the WTG Coaching Club, you’ll also have access to a private online FB community where you can post your questions at any time to get feedback quickly from any member of the WTG Coaching Club community to help you solve a problem, share a resource, recommend a vendor or share a success story.

This Program Will Be PERFECT For You If

  • You want to grow a more scalable and successful business
  • You’re self-motivated and want to become a great business leader
  • You have a business with employees and want to hire more (to create more leverage)
  • You’re willing to share ideas and experiences with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs
  • You want to build a business where you aren’t the center of everything in your business (which will allow you to have lots of options and freedom)

This Program Will NOT Be a Good Fit For You If

  • You don’t like being held accountable
  • You don’t want to hire people or create leverage through them
  • You have a tendency to be negative or blame others for lack of results
  • You get stuck in analysis paralysis and are slow to implement
  • You don’t like sharing your ideas and intellectual property with others
  • You need to control everything

Our Three Promises

As with anything we do here at Wired To Grow, we have three promises we make to you. If you’ll trust us to help you get where you want to go, we promise that we’ll help you

  1. Build a more scalable version of your business
  2. Build a more successful business
  3. Become a better business leader

If those three things sound like something you’d like to build or become, you should take the next step below and consider becoming a member of the WTG Coaching Club.

The Next Step: A FREE Strategy Session

In order to see if you might be a good fit for the WTG Coaching Club, your next step is to fill out the interest form below in order to schedule a FREE Strategy Session. We’ll simply ask you a few questions to help you get some clarity on what you want to create as well as what’s keeping you from achieving that. And then, if we think we can help you get there faster, we’ll share with you a little more about coaching club. If not, we’ll simply give you a couple of ideas about how to grow your business.

In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of this FREE Strategy Session. There’s no obligation on your side. It’s our gift to you. So fill out the form below ASAP.

Note: As you’ll see in the form below, there are three qualifications that have to be met in order to secure one of these free strategy sessions.

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