Marketing Ideas

Is What You’re Doing or Offering Remarkable?

When was the last time you asked yourself (or your team), “Is what we’re doing (or offering) remarkable?” If you’re like most leaders the answer is, “It’s been a long time (if ever)!” … which is a problem. Now, the interesting thing about remarkability is that...

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What’s the Market Saying to You?

When I ask this question of owners and CEOs very rarely do they have a good answer. In fact, the number one response probably goes something like this, “I’m not sure what the market is saying … other than that most of them don’t want what we’re offering.” Isn’t that...

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Four Keys to Generating More Leads

Are you frustrated with your current lead generation activities? Are your current approaches not generating enough leads (or enough quality leads)? If you are, or they aren’t, then you’ll want to master these four keys to generating more leads. At the end of the day,...

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Are You Making Enough Offers?

Do you ever find yourself complicating how to grow your own business so that it’s difficult to solve your own growth problems? Well, if you do, here’s one simple way to strip business growth down to its core. The growth of your business is directly related to the...

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Are You Selling Vitamins or Aspirin?

When you (or someone from your business) talk with a potential prospect, what are you (or they) offering them? Are you offering them something that you perceive they need? Or something that they have a passionate and compelling want for? The difference between these...

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What’s Your Service Recovery Procedure?

If someone on your staff makes a mistake or you promise to deliver something on a certain date, and that doesn’t happen—what’s your service recovery procedure? Even if it isn’t your fault, what can you do to recover from that? If you don’t have a recovery process in...

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