Marketing Ideas

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Standards?

Everything in your business is a direct reflection of your standards—which means that whatever your standards are, they’re driving your business. For good or for bad, whatever is happening in your business right now ultimately emanates from your standards. Once you...

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The 10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes

If you’d like to find out what the ten most common marketing mistakes are that small business leaders make—mistakes that are costing them (and possibly you) literally thousands of dollars every month, you can find out by doing something very simple—and...

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The Key to WOWING Your Customers and Clients

One of the interesting correlations on the recent reader survey I conducted was between questions two and three. Question #2 was, “Which of the following issues are problems that you’re wrestling with in your business or organization?” and Question #3 was, “What...

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How to Quadruple Your Sales

When you read that title, did you find your believability quotient rapidly plummeting? Was your first instinct, “No way! Impossible!” Well, before you run past this blog post, let me ask you a few questions. For example, How many companies have followed up with you in...

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The First Sale Is To Yourself

When you wake up in the morning, how excited are you about your work and what you offer to the world? Are you jazzed because you’re absolutely confident that what you have to say/offer is something of great value that other people desperately need or want? Or do you...

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