Leadership Ideas

Are You An Enabling Leader?

I was leading a leadership training session this morning on the eight key practices of exceptional leaders. One of the eight is that exceptional leaders, “Solve Problems and Raise Standards.” The former is remedial and the later, progressive—one fixes what’s broken...

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Three Habits to Grow Your Business Faster

Right now you probably already know what you should be doing on a regular basis to grow your business or organization. Chances are you’ve made several lists with those items on them (or thought those thoughts many times if you’re not a list person :-). Yet, still you...

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Drip Vision Every Day

Do you want a highly motivated workforce that, “gets it” and does what you’d want them to do, even when you’re not around? If so, you’ll want to practice this key leadership practice every single day. Two of the more common problems I encounter when working with...

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