Drip Vision Every Day

Do you want a highly motivated workforce that, “gets it” and does what you’d want them to do, even when you’re not around? If so, you’ll want to practice this key leadership practice every single day. Two of the more common problems I encounter when working with...

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Why Does Your Team’s Execution Fail?

I just finished leading a management training session for one of my clients on, “Execution: The Art and Science of Transforming Intention into Reality.” And the one section that probably had the most discussion for us as a group was my first point on realizing why...

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What’s Your Service Recovery Procedure?

If someone on your staff makes a mistake or you promise to deliver something on a certain date, and that doesn’t happen—what’s your service recovery procedure? Even if it isn’t your fault, what can you do to recover from that? If you don’t have a recovery process in...

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