5 Keys to Designing Your Perfect Org Chart

No one in their right mind wakes up in the middle of the night thinking, “I need to design a perfect org chart.” Why? Because, technically, you don’t need to have an org chart—unless you’re running into some problems. And typically, these problems fall into one of two...

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How To Avoid Needlessly Ticking Off Customers

When was the last time you lost a customer—and you knew you didn’t need to lose them? What was the problem that caused the breakup? Was it a big issue? Or a little one? My guess, a little one. And you know this to be true because it happens to you when you’re the...

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How to Think More Like a CEO Than an Owner

Have you ever wondered why some business owners/entrepreneurs seem to be able to start and grow businesses rapidly and others can’t? Or why some business owners/entrepreneurs seem to be able to lead their businesses and have a life whereas others can’t? Well, one of...

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How to Pick a Better Niche For Your Business

If you want to get more traction for your business but you’re running into difficulties. Or if you create a great offer that you think a lot of people will want, but they’re not responding. Or if you spend a lot of time and money trying to generate a growing list of...

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